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Edutrend enables students to experiment the true potential of an academic life helping them find the best option suitable to their needs. We share the wisdom of thousands of students around the world to help them decide what their next educational destination will be.

To select a university is not an easy task… 

Especially if your dream is to study abroad… 

A bad decision will lead to: 

  1. A useless trip 
  2. The lost of an academic year 
  3. Personal frustrations
  4. A great loss of money 
  5. Insecurities 

The truth is that… 

In most of the cases we take decisions influenced by opinions and real experiences from people and friends

edutrend is a platform created by students from all over the world !

Let us be your thousand friends and guide you on this one! 

Read reviews from students and see through their eyes your thousand possible futures! 

Reviews and opinions about…


Student Cities 

Student Housing 

Party Places 

Our Goals?

 To create a global student community

Promote international education

Tackle prejudices that arise from the lack of knowledge

Learn from students of all parts of the world 

Provide 100% reliable information about the international student life in any university of the world 

Tackle uncertainty that arise from the lack of information and provide a clear vision to any student on how will their daily life would be. 

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