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Edutrend has many potential advantages for your business as the student population is huge, combined with the next list will lead to an increase of your sales and profits.

Edutrend’s target audience are students, let’s think for a moment as students. What services and products are of interest to us?
A restaurant to eat, a cafeteria to study, a museum to visit, a shop to go shopping, a bar to go out, cinemas, a gym? The list is extensive.
If your business has student discounts, let us know!

#2 Earning Trust and Credibility

An interesting fact is that people rely more on testimonials from other people about your business than you talking about your own business. Your business sells experiences that will be recognized by your customers who will guarantee the increase in flow of potential customers who will visit you again and again.

#3 Listen and Adapt to the Needs of your Customers

Our reviews section is a great tool to listen to what your customers really think about their experience interacting with your business (as opposed to what you might say face to face with someone else). Edutrend offers this opportunity to obtain honest feedback and adapt to the needs of its students.


#4 Low Cost Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategies cost thousands of euros through other channels that can be well used in edutrend. Our prices are ideal for any business with a limited marketing budget. In addition, large business can also try different marketing strategies through edutrend before creating bigger campaigns


#5 Let them know You

Your edutrend page is a place where you share your Business details such as name, location on map, general description and where reviews will also take place.

#6 A picture is worth a thousand words

edutrend also lets you upload pictures from your business. This is a powerful way to communicate with your customers and potential customers.Allowing them to see your product or service without the need to visit your premises.

#7 Raise brand awareness and promote positive word-of-mouth

This is a great opportunity for small and medium businesses to start to be known and grow potentially in a short time. Customers can also post positive reviews about your products or services which will allow other students to know in advance if your business is suitable to their preferences. 

#8 Our traffic is yours

You can include a link to your website on edutrend. Visitors who come to your website from edutrend are likely to be more receptive than average visitors as they have already seen some information from your business and were motivated to visit your website



Choose Your PLAN

Pick a plan that best suits the goals of your business. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.



Monthly Fee for one listing, highlighted in the search results.

One Listing

1 month Availability

5 Pictures Listing

Standard Listing

Limited Support



Standard listing submission, active for 30 days.

One Listing

30 Days Availability

2 Pictures Listing

Standard Listing

Limited Support



Subscription Based for unlimited listings and availability.

5 Listings

1 month Availability

10 Pictures Listing

Featured In the Results

24/7 Support