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  1. Campus the Hage is fantastic! I’m currently a 2nd year bachelor student of International studies and I’m enjoying myself immensely. The campus is very international but there are enough helpful dutch students if you are struggling with the dutch letters you’re receiving from e.g. the municipality.
    The teachers I have are very dedicated and have a lot of knowledge on the subjects they teach. If a teacher is not performing to satisfaction there are lots of ways to alert the university and the teachers will be dealt with.
    The Hague itself is a great city. Not so much for partying (but Amsterdam is only an hour away by train) but there are various nice cafes, parks, other beautiful public spaces AND a beach!! It is also the governmental city of the Netherlands so all embassies are close by.
    The other students you will meet here are from all around the world, International Studies is a very broad study and that causes the student body to be very diverse. You’ll definitely meet people like you here!

  2. Greatly recommend Leiden University!

    I study at Leiden University in the brand new campus in the Hague, and I can tell you that it is very international! We have super teachers, the programs that are offered in the Hague are International Studies and International Relations and Organisation for now, but it is expanding so fast that I can only imagine more programs every year!
    Right now, the extracurricular activities are only those organised by the student association, so we have dance committees, theatre, culinary, career, social … etc. But the university will open very quickly a Sports building where you will have the gym and other activities!!

    I also really enjoyed studying at Leiden University because the teachers are very motivating and they want to help you be a better student, have better grades, and open your range of opportunities!! Some classes that are offered in International Studies involve being a consultant along with a few other classmates for an organisation ! It’s a lot of fun and it gives you a great insight in what you can do with your degree!

    I strongly recommend to apply! It’s a very well renown university and you will meet people from around the world!! 🙂

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