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    Although Maastricht is a little city in the south of the Netherlands, it has a big international community. In every corner, different languages are spoken, whether it is French, Italian, German, or English. You will hear them all. Maastricht is definitely a place to call home. Not only the international community but also the locals welcome you with open arms. The little shops with home made food and old streets with character will deter you from feeling home-sick. Maastricht University provides you with an unique experience. The exchang of ideas, personal development through extra curriculum activities, you find it all in this University. The PBL system is fed by the curiosity of students and their will to gain knowledge. The PBL requires much preparation from you. Tutors are either experienced students or people from the field. I can proudly say that i feel home in Maastricht, a place where i can have discussion on how we should treat criminals or why socialism is part of society. These question teach you critical thinking. The walls of Maastricht are vandalised by the words “ask why?” – gravity encouraging you to question life and all its aspects. That is what defines Maastricht. A community that seeks answers to all questions. I would definitely recommend you to visit this beautiful city in the south and allow yourself to fall inlove with it. Oh and we are one of the highest ranking “best young universities in the world” and some of our Bachelors and Masters programs carry the title of best Bachlor or Master in the Netherlands and/or Europe.

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Minderbroedersberg 4-6
Maastricht 6211 LK LI NL
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