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  1. I love this School!

    im from mexico, not only the school but the city itself has great variety of things to do. Proffessionally and fun wise talking, the city has much to offer I’m proudly graduating in 6 months! with a job at the embassy of the mexico to the Netherlands.

  2. One of a kind experience

    Why am I very satisfied with the Hague University? The main reason is the exposure to all of these various nationalities. Having arrived from a small Balkan country, where the exposure to foreigners is minimalistic, the Hague University was just shocking in the beginning. I study in the International and European Law program and in my first year, there were approximately 350 students, wherein 60% were foreigners, as myself. The majority of the students in the program are very open, friendly and approachable. Nonetheless, just having this ability to explore and learn about so many cultures is simply unique.

    Apart from the possibility to socialize, the program is taught by many professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and jurisdictions which allows you to learn about the practices (primarily legal) in many countries. The way it is taught in the university is overall satisfying. You will be able to build solid foundations of the given field of studies.

    If you would ask me again if I would switch university if I could three years ago, my answer is just “No”!

  3. I am Ling. I am studying in the European Studies department. It is a international program. My classmates are open to the students who from different countries. The study environment is multi-cultural. You could get more than 5 nationality into one class and work with them. The assignments your get from your courses are practical. You should have to learn a new second language for 3 years long. However, if you are not used to do group works and writing a lot of reports, maybe the ES is not for you. Moreover, The Hague is a international and cozy city. The one of the reason why I chose the HHS is because I fall in love with the city.

    Btw, I really enjoy my study life in the HHS. It is a nice school for international students.

  4. A perfect university to build the foundations to a prosperous future

    The Hague University of Applied Sciences truly is a great gateway into the professional world. Not only does it provide a great selection of courses to choose from, it also helps student gain contacts in the career they are pursuing which can be really useful in the future. Furthermore, there are also many student associations that can help students in many different ways. Most importantly the university has a friendly and studious environment that makes you feel right at home.

  5. As a third-year law student, I can only relate to the International and European Law programme.

    Regarding the whole university, the quality of studies, teaching methods and extracurricular activities is FOR SURE worth the tuition fees. It also offers several opportunities for students all ages to experience the international side of student life by participating in activities or being part of a student association. At the same time, THUAS provides practical advice on several problems students may face, such as residence permits, insurances or financial support.

    In terms of studying international law, I find it to be one of the best programmes of international law, because of the practice that a student gets to experience during the years at THUAS. The multitude of projects (be it in school or in a real tribunal), oral exams and presentations and Skills lectures really gives a student the necessary real-life experience. At the same time, the period of internship required in the fourth year is pretty rare when comparing to other universities, and it is really important because it offers the student that much needed entry-level job. The professors are staff are making sure you experience a friendly and trustworthy atmosphere.

  6. I am currently on my second year as an International and European Law student. I believe this program is preparing me well for my future due to its practical approach. Most of the teachers are qualified and professional when giving their lectures/workshops. The structure of the program enables you to expand your knowledge through guest lectures and taking part in competitions and/or associations. As in any educational setting, it is up to you to take advantage of the things that are offered both within the University as well as outside.

  7. One of the best International Law Programmes in Europe

    Personally, I believe that this International Law Programme is one of the best in Europe.

    Usually, when you look up for a ‘Law’ Programme, you only find universities offering the study of law for that respective country, not an European and/or International one.

    It is well known that The Hague is the political capital of Netherlands, and probably the ‘Legal Heart’ of Europe, as you can find many international tribunals and bodies, such as the ICC.

    In the International Law Programme from my year took part around 400 people, with 55 different nationalities, so you can tell how ‘international’ the programme itself is. By having so many different nationals taking part in the same programme, there is created a ‘cultural knowledge exchange’, so there is created a network where individuals share their experiences from their own culture/country with others, and so the experience the students gain is much bigger than those studying in an normal national law programme.

    Not only the students are ‘multi-nationals’, but also the programme has the luck of having teachers from all corners of the world, all forming an incredible team which posses great knowledge about the law of many countries, each of them completing the picture with their international law specialization. We even have teachers who graduated Cambridge and Oxford, either as a bachelor or Master programme.

    However, as good the programme is, as big the expectations from the students are. It is not easy to graduate such a programme, considering the fact that in the first year of study we were around 400 participants, while now, we are around 120-150 people left. The exams are pretty harsh, but if you know what you want from your future, you can do it!

    As an overall, I believe The Hague University is the best place for people who want to combine an international experience, by meeting multi-national people and live in a foreign and developed country such as the Netherlands, with an excelent education.

  8. Awesome experience

    The THUAS is what I was expecting. Very international, good people with all types of backgrounds and overall the International and European law course is pretty good. The first two years of the law programme provides students with tutor groups, and projects, and it is great for developing friendships and learning about different cultures; the tutors are also available to guide the student and a good relationship with them can work wonders on a student’s academic and personal development. The tutor group system also teaches one on how to overcome personal dislikes and forces alternative thinking, especially with the group projects and tasks involved where disagreements can arise.
    Another great plus is the practical approach that this institution provides: instead of simply studying and trying to process thousands of concepts the programme expects its students to apply it and know it.
    Furthermore, I found that the “Skills” courses were very good and unique as they teach us how to use citations, give advice on how to present oral arguments or presentations in a formal manner, how to improve our legalese and how to organise and draft essays, memorandums, etc.
    I studied two years of law in Italy before enrolling in this course and the overall services they provide are nowhere near as good as the ones offered in THUAS.
    Would definitely recommend!

  9. At the moment I am a third year student (International and European Law) and student representative of my program. I can definitely recommend this University, since it is practicle and everything you’ve learned can be directly applied in real life. That is why I choose to stay with this university and not to go to a research university. The library and study places are all you need to have for the basics, but if you want to get a little more than the basics you should go to one of the other libraries that the city has. Which is not a big problem, that’s why I love the Hague so much and the place of this university. The party life at the university is not big but if you search for it you can find a lot of fun in and around the University. We have got our ‘own’ big bar such as Xieje or Siezo.

    So depending on you course I would recommend this University, please make sure to check the reviews for every bachelor on other websites. But for the Law program I can tell you that it is an excellent course to start you international legal career.

  10. International paradise!

    The university is very practical, they teach you how things are done in real life. You not only do research, but also apply what you have learned. This is great for experience and helps you in your future career. The building itself is confusing, but after a while you get the hang of it. The people are super friendly and help you whenever you ask. The school has a lot of international students, so, if you are looking for a world-wide network of friends and colleagues, this school is for you!

  11. Your very own canvas

    I am a third year law student and I can say that the quality of education I am provided with is very logical, to say the least. As The Hague university is a university of applied sciences, you are expected to put the knowledge you acquire to practical use. This is something very few universities have, which is why I think THUAS has a bit of an advantage, because whatever you learn is useful, as it prepares you for the real world. Academics aside, there are many international students at the university, which creates a multicultural environment, allowing you to become part of your very own close knit international family. Personally speaking, I have made lifelong friendships here, and it’s because of the school’s diversity, that I’m able to embrace all cultures.

  12. A practical approach to Globalization

    I am currently in my second year completing a bachelors program at THUAS. What I like is that we are approaching the subjects practically. What that means is that we have study related projects with real organisations/companies, so we are putting the theory into practice during our university years. That helps to build networks for our future career and helps me to understand the methods better.

  13. I am in the second year for my studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and my experience so far was wonderful. I initially thought that I would rather see a few internationals, but as soon as I started the introduction week I got the chance to meet people from all over the world! The university provides so many opportunities to socialise with all kinds of people from all kinds of cultures, therefore creating such an amazing, international environment. You interact with such a variety of people and you start becoming more open-minded and more empathetic; it’s not only you learning things about other people, it is also about you learning more about yourself! Furthermore, the university provides the students with so many opportunities to actually interact with businesses and organisations; you get the chance to not only study hundreds of pages and write god knows how many essays about a topic, but the chance to break the rhythm of being assaulted by assignments and deadlines and to actually go out there and interact with professionals, and who knows, maybe discover what you truly want to do in life.

  14. A real international experience

    Studying at the Hague University gives you the opportunity to connect with fellow students who have different cultural backgrounds. Being Dutch myself, I have learned many valuable lessons from exchange students and I believe that true interest is key in learning from others. As intercultural skills are becoming more important for our generation, the Hague University guides you in developing those skills.
    The Hague University is truly a great place to develop and enrich yourself with new friendships and many fun memories. There are many places to catch up with your friends inbetween classes with a relaxing atmosphere throughout the university.

  15. What I like about this university is the international environment which prepares me for the future and helps me be more open minded and tolerant. unlike other univeristies, THUAS focuses more on the practical side by giving a real life dimension to the studies. here, I met people from everywhere around the world that shaped my personality with their way to approach life.
    The thing I struggled with was maybe the fact that my way of seing things was often in contradiction with other people’s point of view. Though, it gets better with time.

  16. Great Potential

    I loved this university since day one, the very atmosphere made it very different. with a great percentage of international students this just feels like the perfect journey. I expect the ratings and ranking of this university to sky rocket in the coming years.

  17. Brilliant Institute for developing a future

    I am a third year Law student in The Hague University of Applied Sceinces. A university with an international enviornment and contains a good list of programmes to choose. In addition the location of the university is perfect. At last the lecturers in my program are highly experienced and that makes my program really exciting.

  18. THUAS Experience as an International Student

    Leaving my country and moving to another continent was no easy task for me, but I was really excited to see how it could turn out. I chose The Hague because of its wide and internationally recognized reputation. Not only this, but I was tempted by the warmth and coziness of the city itself. The Hague University of Applied Sciences possessed a large and very culturally diverse student body, which further added to my decision to study here.
    As for any international student, it wasn’t very easy settling in. However, that didn’t last very long. I started to get to know a bunch of other students from my course. Within a few months, I already started feeling like I was home. THUAS organized activities for international students to link up and get to know more about their courses and lecturers, which definitely proved to be very helpful.
    I’m currently studying International Business and Management here. Regarding my academic experience, I would say it’s been quite exceptional. Throughout my course, I have the opportunity to learn from lecturers that are very well experienced in their fields. They’re mostly very helpful and will assist their students whenever they can. However, saying it’s too perfect is a bit of an overstatement. There are some down points to my course, such as occasional structural errors and so on, but they rarely do occur.
    Overall, I believe I’ve made the correct decision by coming here. I don’t think I would’ve been able to find an educational institution like THUAS somewhere else in the Netherlands. I would highly recommend prospective students to come and pursue their academic careers at THUAS.

  19. Amazing and Peaceful!

    The Hague University is, in my experience, an amazing place to study! At the moment, I’m in the third year of my bachelor and I’m still very satisfied with my choice for this University. Besides the fact that this school offers very useful lectures and tutorials in a good varied program, it also has an amazing building with many created study areas and meeting points where you can work alone or together with your project group.
    I also really like the ambiance inside of the school. The students of this school are very diverse because you will see students from all different nationalities. And despite of the huge and a little overwhelming building, it is still a very peaceful place where you will feel at home quickly.
    For me it was also very important that the university was easy to reach with public transport, because I live in a small village between The Hague and Amsterdam. Fortunately, the university is perfectly located next to a big train station.
    Except these very positive points, I also experience some issues sometimes with my schedule or with the duration of receiving my test results back, but most of the times it is fine and the lecturers mostly try to help you with problems like this and offer their guidance.
    Of course your experience will depend on your course of study as well, because this can be very different, but in general I would recommend this university to every student!

  20. Average

    I spent half a year at The Hague University as an exchange student. Before I studied Political Science at my home university in the Czech Republic.
    I have to say that I was kind of disappointed with the education level at the Hague University. When one goes to such developed country as the Netherlands undoubtedly is one expects more qualite oucomes. The lectures have not only learned me anything new, but also anything at all. To me it seemed like it was just a bunch of unnecessary surface information that did not go deep into the core of problems. I very much missed facts, key information and historical context especially in the European Union classes. Also the outputs are just essay or just presentation and no exams so one usually forgets everything after being done with the project.

    Maybe I have chosen bad subjects or just this major was not that well-developed, I do not want to do any wrong to the Hague University. I was just expecting something more from a “Western” university. I have to say, even though most of the people looks down on the Central and Eastern Europe, from what I have experienced our universities appeared far more qualite and demanding.

    Nevertheless, to be fair there were also some good points I have to mention. The building and the facilities are astonishing, everyone speaks very well English, there is a strong emphasis on group projects which makes you learn how to cooperate in a group and an attention to foreign languages. The Hague is a really beautiful student city as well.

    So my recommendation would be: if you want ot enjoy your Erasmus, travel, meet new people, experience new stuff – go to the Hague. But if your goals are strictly professional and it matters to you whether you learn something new, maybe choose some other univeristy.

  21. Unforgettable experience

    I was recently studying in The Hague University which gave me the greatest time of my life. The University itself was really modern and quite big, lecturers (well most of them) were amazing, interesting and supportive. The course was pretty intense, but it provides a lot of practising that is quite interesting (int. business and management).And talking about The Hague city, I faced some issues like: depressive weather, tramps not working the whole night, but on the other hand, I was surprised on how many amazing and helpful people I met, doesn’t matter what problems are you facing, you will always find kind, friendly and helpful people around you. So a bad weather seems like a small issue comparing with that. In the end, I had a really good experience in this university and could say made friends for life.:)

  22. feels like home!

    I´ve just made my erasmus 2 years ago, and it was amazing. I met people from all over the world. School its really amazing, teachers had a high level and they are always interested in students. I really recommend The Hague University for all students that are pretending to learn but also have some fun and make friends from many countries.

  23. Excellent school!

    My name is Carlos, I am currently a second year student of the hague university.
    My school is amazing since is one of the few universities which teach International law. It is located in one of the most important cities where much affairs regarding international law are held. the quality of the course is amazing and we have a lot of chances to work in an international environment once graduated! I fully recommend this program also because you get to know people form all over the world which will become your family, as in my case and future professional colleagues.


    I am very satisfied with this university because it provides amazing lecturers who proudly share their international experiences and knowledge with their students. Of course there were some issues such as schedule problems that I have faced as a law student but no university is perfect, huh? 🙂
    The Hague on the other hand is for me a very pleasant destination to live a student life. It gives a cozy feeling because you can reach everywhere by public transport, bike or even foot. The weather sucks most of the times beware but if the sun is up you have no other choice but to enjoy the beautiful city which is surrounded by beautiful buildings, famous canals and flowers. And don’t forget about Scheveningen aka the beach!
    I am lucky enough to consider the people I’ve met here as family and The Hague as MY VERY FIRST DUTCH HOME.

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