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  1. International, but not good for a dance

    The Hague is an amazing international city with lots of universities. This international feeling is everywhere, and from the many embassies to the student housing, it is easy to fit into the vibe of The Hague from anywhere. This does mean that it’s quite hard to learn Dutch, though!

    I don’t feel like the nightlife reflects the number of students who live within this city, it still feels quite business-like. It is very possible, however, to get quickly to and from Amsterdam or Rotterdam for a bigger night than the student nights that are otherwise available.

  2. Diverse, international and, a home away from home

    The Hague is a great place to live for students, it provides an excellent environment to study in, furthermore, the city gives off inspiration to students who really want to excel. Aside from that, the Hague provides plenty of diversions to take your mind off of your studies. In addition, the community is very international, diverse and extremely friendly.

  3. Living and studying in The Hague

    The Hague offers a wide range of opportunities to every person living, working or studying there. I have lived a year in The Hague, and I only experienced good stuff: from amazing transport facilities to great open-minded people. For students, it truly places them in an international atmosphere, where they can easily make friends, find jobs or do volunteering. Per all, The Hague is a great place to pursue your interests!

  4. A versatile city!

    I believe the Hague is a unique and versatile city. Upon arrival, I was surprised by its international community and how everyone, everywhere, speaks english. Although the Hague is the third biggest city in the Netherlands, the feeling you get when walking through its streets is that of a cozy environment, unlike other cities. Not to forget, the beach is only a bike ride away (but it can get pretty chilly, after all it is the Netherlands). For students the city offers a wide range of activities every day, it is up to you to take advantage of them and enjoy them!

  5. The most multi-cultural city in the Netherlands

    The Hague is a city with incredibly many international people, its society being composed of more than a hundred different nationalities.
    For students, is the perfect place to be, the city offering many educational possibilities, with high standards of education in many areas.
    Also, the city has a lot to offer regarding the nightlife, being the host of many extraordinary clubs, like Millers, Havana, or Paard Van Troje. Students have a lot of advantages, like free entrances, and free drinks.
    Regarding the lifestyle, the city is not so cheap, but with proper organizational skills, everyone could manage a decent life in the Hague.
    The only thing I do not like about the Hague would be the weather….I feel like I am in Antartica :))

    All in all, I think is a city to visit at least once for its attractions (like the ICC, Peace Palace, Botanical Garden, etc), but also a good city to live in, with a lot of job and educational opportunities.

  6. A Marvellous Metropolis

    The Hague has a plethora of places to explore. It’s a truly diverse place where students from all over everywhere are able to meet. The architecture is gorgeous and everything is accessible by bike. There’s always something going on, whether it be a food truck festival or a flea market. It’s also easy to live here on a budget, the market is an ideal place to get some great bargains.

  7. A village city

    The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of the Hague is that it is a big city but that it still has got the cosy feeling of a village. This is because the heart of the city where you can find all the bars and clubs are situated very close to each other, while the shops are also concentrated in a circle. The Hague is a place where you’ll never be bored, every night of the week there is something going on and there is something for everybody. From nice chill coffee bars to the best house at PIP. For the cultural people among us, there is also enough to see and experience while coming to the Hague. You can go to the Filmhuis where they show art movies which you would not see in regular cinemas, there is the Dutch Dance Theater, Zuiderpark theater, municipality museum with art pieces from mondriaan at the moment and many more!

    I am happy that I started living here, so if the Hague is on your list for consideration, I would defenitely recommend this city.

  8. Multicultural paradise!

    The city is great, from going to the beach one day, to visiting the city centre the next. The choices are endless, a lot of bars, restaurants, shops, you name it. The Hague Market is also super cheap and easy to get to. The nationalities differ everywhere you go, you can find a community for everyone. Overall a great international city with a lot of places to visit!

  9. The Hague a truly International Place.

    The Hauge is a beautiful City located at the Dutch Coast.
    For me, it is the ideal City big enough that you get everything you need, but still the size that you can reach everything with your bike. What makes the Hague special is it internationality, with all the embassies various NGOs and the International Court of Peace and Justice the Hague is full of expats. Here you can feel the world growing together, so its the ideal place for you if you plan to study abroad.

  10. My favorite city EVER!!

    The Hague is a beautiful city! I was very skeptical when I had to move from Colombia all the way to The Hague, however this city blew all my expectations! People are very friendly, nice and international! You will meet people from all around the world and you will learn a lot from them. The university is great, with very organized and structured programs.

  11. My personal favourite

    The Hague is truly a charming city with a very large international population. of course you that wouldn’t matter as such because Dutch are very excellent at english and very nice and friendly as well. I studied in The Hague and i am so thankful that i did. plus the extracullicular activities are outstanding.

  12. Cozy Weekend Getaway

    I truly love The Hague! I live in Düsseldorf (GER), which is a busy city so I am trying to make use of every opportunity to escape to a more quiet place. My two best friends study in The Hague and I am visiting them as much as I can. Not only do I get to spend time with my beloved ones but can actually enjoy a peaceful and cosy environment. I appreciate the kindness and openness of the locals and the beautiful buildings and the fresh sea air! The Hague is a perfect weekend getaway for people like me who like to have quality time once in a while.

  13. You would never be bored!

    I would describe The Hague as a very divergent and modern city. In a city as The Hague you would never be bored. In my opinion, the city has almost everything that a student needs. From very chill and relaxing parks, to a very great city center with many shops and very nice bars, restaurants and clubs where you can enjoy really fun parties. And when the weather is good (what is not very common unfortunately) you can even hang out on the beach “Scheveningen” which is located against the city. Besides that, the city also has a very well organized public transport system, so it is very easy to move around different places.
    Seeing the upcoming popularity of The Hague as a student city, it becomes a little more difficult to find a student housing. I experience this since I’m looking for a good student accommodation. But because of the good organized public transport in the whole country it is not really a problem to live in another city nearby The Hague. I live in a quiet town at the moment, but I can’t wait to live the real city life here in The Hague!

  14. A city made for students

    Although the weather is terrible in the Netherlands, students can survive and actually have a lot of fun in the city, overtime I go on street I always find a friend from school! which is awesome and makes me feel more connected with my friends and feel the student vibe. Parties are awesome here, the dutch people know really how to rock!

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