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    Hi there! My name is Eva and I am 21 years old. I have studied for 3 years on the VU. Amsterdam is an amazing city, also for students. There are two main universities, the Uva and Vu, which I would both recommended. Though I like the Vu a little bit better. The reason why I choosed for the Vu is because every study is at a different building (just like the Uva) but all the buildings are in the same area (at the Uva there are buildings all over the city center, o you will never meet other students from other studies). It is nice to have one central area with different buildings. The main building has many (Many!!) study places and free wifi. In the middle of the area of buildings is a main square with a lot of facilities. You can go to the supermarket and buy your own food, or go to the restaurant and have a beer. There is also a big cantine, with a lot of fresh food. There are daily menu’s, healthy food or just a pizza, or a fresh juice or salad or burrito, many choices. If you like sports, we have a volleybal and basketball field, which is actually used quite often! It is nice to play a little bit of basketball between your studies in, as a study break. I have studied the law for three years, I am really happy with the good teachers that I got. Next year I am going to do my master, international migration and refuguee law. I am looking forward to meet international students. It is quite common that, if you follow a master which is in English, that 60 procent of the students is international, and 40 or less is from the netherlands. So there are a lot of international students on the Vu. I like that a lot! All the netherlands students are really open and helpfull to them, we like to interferr with them. So I am sure you will feel welcome! Also, close by the Vu is an studentcampes (it is called Uilenstede), where you can live for only 350 euros a month. There are many buildings, and there is one special building for international students. I would recommened this place to live as an international student, only 5 minutes away from the Vu. And the Vu and Uilenstede cooperate togheter sometimes. I also live in Uilenstede, for 3 years already, and I love the place. A lot of house parties in the weekends. Ofcourse, living in the center city is also nice, but really expensive and hard to find a room. Good luck and I hope you will choose for the Vu!

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